Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Test a blog with two photos

Here are some old landcruiser pics.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Classic Abbottspeak

"Look, all the signs are there. It is a very, very restless caucus. In the end it's up to the Labor Party to choose which failed leader it wants to take into the election."
Tony Abbott interview with Lisa Wilkinson

Friday, 6 January 2012

States I have visited in the USA

I had a bit of fun adding up how many states I have visited in the USA. I was quite surprised to discover that I have visited almost half of them (23/50) -- but to be fair, on a couple of them we were quite literally just passing through on the interstate.

New Mexico
New York
New Jersey
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My City2Surf 2011 photo courtesy of

I really missed the usual blue sky. From memory I think they said that
it was one of only two rainy days in the 40 year history of the event!

My results:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

City2Surf Results

Well, the results are in!
Amazingly, our first time City2Surfer Andrew Houtas has blitzed the field with an outstanding 76mins and 40secs!!! He even managed to eclipse Glen Mace's incredible 'most improved' time by 12 seconds.
Despite a dodgy knee Geoff still managed an impressive 78mins and 37secs. The remainder of the Stoddart family must have been holding hands as they crossed the line with a very respectable collective time
of 86mins and 42secs.
It also looks like Jonathan managed to steal line honours from his dad by just 12 seconds with an impressive first time result of 89mins 20secs.
Incredibly, Andrew has only narrowly missed leap frogging the 'green' group and going straight to the 'red' group if he decides to run next year.
To be honest, I am a little disappointed with my own results even though I did beat my previous years time by one minute. I had been struggling with a cold all last week, and as of this morning I have been diagnosed with a related sinus infection after a nasty ear ache last night.
I am now on antibiotics and will hopefully I will be all better for the Pub2Pub in couple of weeks. I think if I try to keep up with Andrew for a long as I can I might be able to get a reasonable time in that event!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A recent exchange on the Huffington Post article "The Bible: History or Myth?"

I am a long time supporter of Creation Ministries International and I recently had a discussion with an atheist on Huffington Post web site. I have included this on my blog because I hope it shows that you don't need to be a scientist or theologian in order to refute some of the theological and scientific arguments often presented in such discussion threads. I believe it is important to always be able articulate the reasons for my faith.

Lee Harvey
"Creationism is the belief that God could create the world in 6 days, but couldn't find 2 naked people hiding in a garden." - Anonymous

Wes Dart
I think Lee that you may have missed the point of the question.
"Adam, where are you?" has a much deeper almost existential meaning. God was calling Adam to examine the state of his own heart, and the predicament that he had found himself in, as a result of his rejection of the boundaries that God had established for the creation.

George Genung
08:01 PM on 7/18/2011
Wes, did this deity of yours select this creation out of an infinite possible creations knowing everything that would happen, before it made the creation?
Your answer will tell a lot about the basis for your theology.

Lee Harvey
My post was supposed to be funny. Maybe it failed.

01:25 AM on 7/19/2011
And you know this how?
If you had a conversation with god, then did others hear it?
Did he sound like George Burns?
If you had thoughts in your head, that's just your brain doing what it does, if you heard audible voices then, please seek help.
If your post was meant as a joke, then please forgive my response.

Wes Dart
08:37 PM on 7/19/2011
Hi Brooke, I was doing my best to reflect on Lee's original post in the context of the Genesis narrative. We all start with a presupposition of some kind; mine is intelligent design, yours is likely some variant of materialism i.e. what we can observe is all there is. From my perspective the very fact that you can even have 'thoughts in your head' is testimony to an intelligent designer. We don't observe complex systems with amazing redundancy and inter-dependencies arising out of chaos anywhere in nature; detailed information is coded into every living cell.­line-interview
I would imagine that you would interpret the same evidence in a very different way based on your own pre-supposition?

12:58 PM on 7/21/2011
No presupposition here.
I have a brain, the brain can be observed and scanned.
The activity in the brain can be correlated to my activities­.
Same goes for your brain.
Where is the presupposition?
You state:
"We don't observe complex systems with amazing redundancy and inter-dependencies arising out of chaos anywhere in nature.."
Answer: Sure we do, its called life and its all over the place on earth!

Wes Dart
04:52 AM on 7/23/2011
We both see the same evidence "it's called life and it's all over the place on earth"; but you have revealed the source of your presupposition in your answer. You are relying on observation and correlation of the physical evidence to explain what you are seeing. This presents no problem for me. My question to you is where can you observe non-living matter becoming living? You are relying on a presupposition that all this happened somewhere in the unobserved distant past. Observation in the present will verify that life is required in order to 'create' new life. There is no evidence even that a mutation results in any new information being added to our DNA e.g. like getting feathers instead of hair -- it is always a 'loss' or a corruption of existing information e.g. an extra or perhaps missing finger. So this won't help you either.

15 hours ago (10:23 AM)
Wes Dart....ok­ay...I have loose evidence that abiogenisis happened..­..there is decent suppport for it. But I will grant you, there is no way to KNOW for sure...of course that applies to everything­.
That does not however mean you get to just make stuff up! The appropriate response is "I Don't Know", not my magic sky daddy did it.
I could make up a story that fits the facts a whole lot better than your god!
Flying Spaghetti Monster is a much better answer!

Ryan Nice
11:03 PM on 7/19/2011
Actually his reading of the that verse isn't that abstract - I'm surprised your having trouble getting it. But then again purposely missing the point is a quick way feel like you're winning an argument. Well done.

Wes Dart
0 minute ago (2:15 AM)
Hi Brooke, I guess the point I was making is that we both are taking a 'faith' position when it comes to the past. I am much happier taking the eyewitness accounts of people who were ultimately happy to lose everything, many even losing their lives, for the sake of remaining faithful to what they had seen, touched and experienced. That's why I could never consider a 'flying spaghetti monster' as a rational alternative to an omnipotent God. Wes